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Priyal Patel



Hi everyone! My name is Priyal Patel and I am currently a sophomore at Warren Township High School. In the future, I want to pursue a career in Journalism because writing has always been a great outlet for me to express myself. I enjoy reading books and aimlessly browsing through bookstores for hours on end. I also love to give people book and show recommendations if they are ever in need of one. At school, I am an officer of the Red Cross Club which helps us educate people about everything from natural disaster safety to ways to improve your mental and physical health. We also organize volunteer events that help people find ways to aid the community around us. I enjoy traveling and learning new things about different cultures. I joined Stay Rad to authenticate my writing and pursue my interest in creating content for people my age to share, enjoy, and learn from. I am excited to create connections with teens from all over the world and to learn new things about each other. I truly believe that using writing to voice our opinions and express our points of views will help change the world for the better. 

Published Articles

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