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How To Create The Perfect Morning Routine For School

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

As school is proceeding back into in-person sessions after a hit during the pandemic, some of you are dreading going back while others are excited. Panic to the new normal, but here is one thing that can help you bring back your normal school life aka MORNING ROUTINE!!

  1. Fix your backpack the night before, pack everything you need, put your homework away in the bag, that way you’re not rushing in the morning to get everything in.

  2. Choose what you’re going to wear the night before (make sure to check the weather!) It doesn’t take that long to slip on some clothes in the morning, so having that outfit ready to go in the morning helps! (Get that extra few minutes of sleep ;)

  3. Set your alarm far from your bed’s reach, come on, we all want a couple of more minutes to sleep, next thing you know you’re late!! So let’s prevent that, like setting your phone alarm across the room, the opposite end of your desk; when you get up to shut it off, your body will be shaken.

  4. After cutting off the alarm, it’s bathroom time, and then go on to breakfast. Make sure to eat a healthy and hearty breakfast to fuel your body and mind for the upcoming day. After breakfast, put on that outfit that you chose out the night before. A little brushing through the hair, and boom you’re ready for school! All done!

Enjoy your school year, and remember that grades don’t define you! You got this!

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