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The Me Too Movement

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Me...Too… the phrase that was used in 2006, when Tarana invented the phrase to bring attention to women who had been sexually abused/assaulted, and after a viral tweet by actress Alyssa Milano, it gained global attention eleven years later. Ladies, it’s time to speak up!

So, what even is the #Me Too Movement?

The #MeToo Campaign is a national movement against sexual harassment and abuse that encourages women who have been sexually assaulted to speak out about their experiences.

Why is the #Me Too Movement is so important?

The Me Too initiative shows sexual assault survivors that they are not alone. It also raises awareness about sexual abuse by demonstrating how common sexual harassment and assault are.

To learn more about the me too movement, please check out me too. Movement or Me Too: Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention | Maryville Online for more info! Always reach out to anyone you feel comfortable sharing with, and remember you are not alone!

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