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Trying new things while staying at home

Mental health relates to our overall well being because it affects how we think, feel, and act. Nowadays, when making plans with others or going anywhere in general, people have a new factor to consider because of COVID-19. Some people do not let COVID-19 affect their daily lives because they think that they will miss out on life or they think staying at home is just dull. Quarantine has affected many people’s daily lives in different ways because it has made people lose motivation to stay active and caused people not to have a physical and social life.

Staying motivated and active are essential to maintaining a balanced mental health, especially during these times. If people were not engaged or motivated, they would simply stay in bed for the whole day and do absolutely nothing. Since staying at home has caused us to believe our only option is laziness or being on our devices, here are 5 things to try to help past time while staying at home that will boost your mental health:

- Spend time with family

Before quarantine, everyone had so many things to do, whether it was school, extracurriculars, or jobs. Staying at home has allowed families to spend more time together, whether it is watching tv or playing board games, spending time with other people is a great way to boost your mental health.

- Learn something new

Whether it is baking, cooking, or a new language, learning something new can help pass time and help people find out if they are good at something they did not know they were before because they did not have time to try it.

- Bullet journal

Bullet journaling can help people track their overall mood swings over time and help them reevaluate their lives. There are many things that people can bullet journal about, whether it is screen time, fitness, mood, hours slept. The possibilities are endless!

- Listen to podcasts

Nowadays, there are many different types of podcasts that talk about various topics, so there is something for everyone to listen to. Listening to podcasts impacts people differently, for example they can motivate and support people’s overall well-being.

- Redecorate

Being in the same places frequently can affect people’s mental health because it can make people feel trapped or lost. Rearranging or changing up the surroundings can help people feel better and become more motivated to do work.

This all might not be helpful or be deemed as fun options, however, in order to not let COVID-19 affect your daily life, we must keep pushing through. Remember that everyone else is in the same shoes as you, and you're not alone. Consider that the actions you take will impact you and the people around you’s overall health at the end of the day.

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