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The Unbelievably Easy Way To Get Motivated and Productive

Let’s think to ourselves. How many times have you told yourself that you would get to finishing your work but end up procrastinating or maybe you just can’t find the motivation? Your work is sitting in front of you, calling out to you to finally complete and submit it, but you simply just ignore it and continue with whatever else you are doing? Well, you are definitely not alone and there are millions of people feeling the exact same way as you. We all want to achieve our goals but it is quite hard to do so during a pandemic. You are unmotivated, overwhelmed, or maybe even exhausted. But no matter how you are feeling, work must be completed and we should finish the remainder of the year strong! We deserve to have enough time during our day to do the things we LOVE! So here are some tips that might help you.

First off let’s talk about why you might be feeling this way. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself or overloading yourself to the point where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of doing work? There are many possible reasons why you are unmotivated, but finding what your source, the root of the problem, is extremely important. Everyone may have a different reason, but let me list some of the most common reasons:

• You are setting unrealistic goals for yourself

• You are scared of failure, so you rather just not try

• You may be living an unhealthy lifestyle

• You are distracted and not focused

• You are tired of always doing your work that you are burnt out

We all have goals and dreams so don’t let your lack of motivation kill your dreams! We have set goals for ourselves and we will accomplish them. There are plenty of ways to turn this upside down. So here’s the deal, together we are going to transform our demotivation into some spicy motivation enough to leave your taste buds numb for days.

1. Convince yourself to do work by rewarding yourself

Most people get unmotivated because they don’t see how this can benefit them personally. Whether this is long-term or short-term rewards, it is essential to help us get motivated. Long-term benefits can be achieving good grades and short-term benefits can be treating yourself to a piece of candy when you finish your work. This can help relieve the unappealing task of working or completing a task. By giving yourself some incentives, you can feel more motivated to accomplish your tasks.

2. Believe in yourself and STAY POSITIVE!

It is important to have the right mindset when trying to work. By staying positive and believing that you will finish your work, you may feel less likely to be demotivated or fear failure. Don’t self-doubt yourself, you can do this!

3. Find yourself a mentor who will support and motivate you!

This person can be a close friend, classmate, or even someone who has gone through what you want to change. This is the go-to person for help and advice. Work has always been better with more people, so you don’t feel alone. But remember to stay on task and not get distracted.

4. Work in a nice work environment

Whatever your working environment might look like. Working in a room full of distractions isn’t the best place for you to get work done. This can include but not limited to games or any device not used to do your work. Find an environment where you can focus and work! Or simply put away anything distracting or will make you distracted.

5. 50/10 Rule

Some say to work harder but I say to work smarter. Just use the 50/10 rule! This is pretty simple, work for 50 minutes, take a 10-minute break, and repeat. 50 minutes is enough time for you to get a good amount of work done before you start to feel burnt out. The 10-minute break can recharge your mind before you begin losing your focus and procrastinating. That literally hitting two birds with one stone. Make good use of your time because we all got things to do and we don’t want to spend all our time doing work.

Although it is important to stay on the grind. Remember to take a rest, eat a snack, and avoid overwhelming yourself. It is also very important to stay healthy.

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