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The Psychology Behind Senioritis

Symptoms of senioritis may include : an extreme lack of motivation, excessive tardiness, and an overall lack of interest in school.

As a second semester high school senior, the aura of senioritis is all around me. My once highly-academically motivated classmates find it hard to wake up in the morning or get to school on time. As we progress further into the year, senior absences and "offdays" become more common.

Even though many believe senioritis is due to laziness because school doesn't *really* matter anymore, there is more to it.

As high schoolers get ready to move into the next stage of life and ready themselves for newfound independence, this transitionary period in life comes with an abundance of stress or even an eagerness for time to pass faster. It manifests in these symptoms of senioritis, reducing motivation for the present and increasing thoughts of the future.

This is a natural stage in life, but it may leave many seniors feeling lost. Some advice for those with senioritis is to enjoy the time you have left with your friends. Even if schoolwork doesn't motivate you, spending time with the people around you and creating lasting memories will. Everyday might seem to go by pointlessly but when it's all over you will realize that those days did matter.

Hang in there!

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