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The Peanut Butter Falcon

Updated: Jul 17, 2021



The feel-good movie of all feel-good movies Peanut Butter Falcon is the movie that makes you want to get out and enjoy life a little more. A Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz creation, it follows the adventures of a down syndrome patient breaking through every barrier he once believed stood in his way. Starring Zack Gottsagen (Zak), Shia LaBeouf (Tyler), and Dakota Johnson (Elenanor), we watch the characters grow as people and find their way in the large world that surrounds them.

The film touches on “...the aspect of society that thinks people who have disabilities are in need of extra help and extra attention and extra care and can’t do stuff can’t do ‘normal stuff,’ but that’s just not the truth…” Dakota Johnson tells Ricky Camilleri in a BUILD series interview.

The movie displays the endless possibilities for all people, regardless of their disabilities. In this time of social awakening and reform, it is a great opportunity to reconsider how we treat those around us.

The well-rounded cast of seasoned actors, along with some just getting their break, creates a comfortable dynamic. The actors' performances were heartwarming and real, yet some of the characters were straight out of the typical southern comedy. Those watching the movie can easily connect with the characters while at the same time criticizing them and appreciating that no one in the movie was made out to be a martyr or anywhere near perfect.

If this movie teaches one thing, it’s to never underestimate someone because they appear different. Oh, and just remember rule number one: party!

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