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Teen Relationships Through a Pandemic


As the pandemic halts social interactions, many teens wonder if their dreams of finding high school sweethearts have been taken away from them.

So many of us spent our Disney Channel years waiting to be teenagers. Whether it was because we’d finally find our freedom, finally find ourselves, or finally, find a relationship, our teenage years were staged to be a success.

Yet, as these unexpected events reshaped the world, many teens have spent months away from their partners, and others have spent many more months single. While we can all rest assured that relationships are not the epitome of teenage years, for many, this was the time they really thought it would happen.

Some teens are still staying connected by meeting new people online. Whether the apps and websites are meant for it or not, teens have been connecting through services like Hoop, Tik Tok, Yubo, and Study Stream. Of course, that doesn’t mean these apps or websites are guaranteed to be safe. As a user, you still need to follow online safety precautions: never give out personal information, if things are heading in the wrong direction, please block and or report, and IF you mutually decide to meet up, decide on a public place.

Drawn in by physical appearances, many relationships can blossom into much more. Relationships can mean various things, whether it’s someone you're physically attracted to or someone with who you share amusing conversations, it is important to understand that the internet and profiles allow us to share a certain side of ourselves. So, as you meet new people and enjoy their company, you should also begin to pick up what side of yourself you are showing them. Are you super funny? Super sarcastic? Super chill? Learn to love this portion of yourself. It's a lot easier to show this side from behind a screen, but it can work in your favor if you learn to translate it through your physical presence and embrace the parts of yourself that you love the most.

But what do these online formed connections mean for making long-standing relationships? Well, who’s to say if your small talk will advance, but while we cannot see our friends as often as we would like to, it is okay to safely meet new people whether they last forever or not. In the current phase of life, small conversations can mean a lot to mental health and overall social engagement. So, welcome new ways to meet new people, connect with old friends, or grow closer to yourself.

However, if you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation, please reach out to a trusted adult or call the National Domestic Hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) or click here to Chat live now. Stay safe and be kind.

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