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Step Up Your Style This Spring

As the weather gets better and the sky starts clearing up, start your spring cleaning in the closet! Because last spring was a bit of a bummer, you owe it to yourself to freshen up your look this season. Keep reading to find some of the best spring style icons, outfits, and pieces to get inspired (many of these pictures were taken from Instagram and Pinterest, which I also recommend for getting and organizing your style ideas)!



First, I would like to mention how much I LOVE the whole “small shirt, big pants” vibe-- it's honestly what I wear from a day-to-day basis. My feed is filled with cute outfits like that, so I recommend that you take some inspo from influencers like Emma Chamberlain and Koleen Diaz! This kind of style is perfect for spring weather, as not too much is being exposed but is still appropriate for a nice day.


You really could never go wrong with dresses! They go with almost any season, as long as you dress right. Spring is the time to wear any of your favorite dress or skirt lengths; maxi dresses, slip dresses, and two-piece sets are totally in! Making weather accommodations like throwing a jacket or cardigan over your fit is always welcome, too-- just make sure it doesn’t take too much away from what’s underneath. See outfits from Sofia Wylie, Sixtine Rouyre, Charli D’Amelio, and more of my favorite fashion influencers!


As we all come out from our winter hiding places, step out with a statement! Bleach-stained jeans and patterned pants are the best way to add something fun to an outfit that you may not wear everyday. If that sounds a little too bold for you, flare pants and solid-color pants are simple yet incredible substitutes. To pair with these bottoms, I would suggest a plain or less busy pattern for the top. Check out the feeds of Salem Mitchell, Delaney Childs, Olivia Ruby, and so many more!


So simple, yet so complex! Vibrant monochromatic outfits are totally trendy for this year’s spring. I alluded to this a little bit earlier with the two-piece sets, so take it a tad further by centering your entire outfit with one color! Something that I really like about these kinds of outfits is how you can control the intensity; you can go all out by matching the color of your shoes with the rest of your outfit, or keeping it simple by accessorizing with one color! Take a look at some outfits by Maria Beltre, Jenny Lin, and more of my favorite style icons.


Every outfit needs those little details that pulls it all together! This spring, accessorize yourself by stacking rings, necklaces or chains, and earrings. A good rule of thumb is to only wear one type of metal, so don’t mix silver and gold if you can help it! Another few of my favorite pieces for this spring are small handbags or purses. They are super cute to carry around while you go about your day, and they usually can hold a lot more than you think! Classy square toe boots/heels and trench coats are also making an appearance this season, so if you’re looking for something a bit more elegant and mysterious, I recommend investing in those. Lastly, some colors that I think are super appropriate to be in your wardrobe are sage green, lavender, and pale yellow; try to incorporate any of these spring-y colors in your clothing, nails, or makeup to achieve that spring aesthetic!


These trends HAVE to make it into your closet this spring 2021!

Remember to shop sustainably if possible and support small and/or local businesses :)

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