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Public Speaking Isn't All That Bad

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Public Speaking’?

A majority of you may view this activity as something nerve-wracking, scary, and even uninteresting. Yeah, I thought the same before I got involved with it.

My first public speaking experience was during Grade 6. I had to take part in the World Scholar’s Cup (I encourage you to join too!), and one of the four main activities I had to go through was debate. At first, I was terrified of the idea. Being the shy and timid student I am, public speaking was a huge challenge. Luckily, with practice with my teammates, I slowly became more comfortable and gained the confidence and skills required. And guess what? Not to flex, but in the first year of joining, my team won overall third place in debate, and I was personally also awarded as the best speaker in my school.

The reason I chose public speaking as the topic for my first article is that it has gifted me with numerous abilities and opportunities. Not only did public speaking help me to perform better in events, but it also came in handy in school, especially when instructed to give impromptu speeches. Possibly more confident too! Additionally, it opened ways to other amazing experiences like Model UN in which you have to act as a representative for a specific committee. I’ve been able to gain so many friends, memories, and lessons from the insights shared by everyone during the committee meetings, which I consider such valuable things.

So don’t be afraid of speaking up from now on. Go sign up for any public speaking event accessible to you and trust me, even if you mess up a few times, you will gain the skills and confidence that are beneficial in the long run!

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