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Political Realization in January 2021

There was a certain feminist theory I learned of in one of my classes that intrigued me: standpoint theory. The concept revolves around the idea that each person has different experiences–no matter how similar–and certain people will never be able to understand, even with science, what our experiences are. This theory came into my mind while I thought about the events that happened in the U.S. Capitol Building.

On January 6th, 2021, white supremacists stormed the Capitol Building during the electoral college vote count. Four rioters and one police officer died that day as well as many more injured rioters. The mob went door to door chanting, “Trump won the election.” Some supporters vandalized the statues in the rotunda and congress people's offices, and they roamed around in the Senate chamber.

I know that if I participated in a protest that had some resemblance to the event, then there could be a higher chance that I would suffer injuries. As an Asian American woman, I clearly see the treatment police officers give to white men, offering them water to drink and providing organic food. Whereas an Asian American man in the same situation as a white man would’ve faced racial slurs, beating, and even shot at by a police officer. The possibility that I could suffer mistreatment from the “protectors” of a country I am a citizen of terrifies me, and many other citizens of color in the U.S. feel similarly.

When Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States, I gained a bit more hope for myself and for my family and friends. However, nothing is set in stone yet. I realized I will have to fight much harder now to make America safer for me and for people who share similar intersectionalities with me: a woman, an Asian American, and a U.S. citizen. I thought reading the current news and educating myself was enough, but taking action speaks louder. Writing this article is my first step forward on the journey. I hope to participate in peaceful protests, vote in elections, and educate others on my perspective.

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