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Plan out 2021

The best thing about a new year starting is that everyone gets to start off fresh and do stuff differently they wish they had done before. As the year starts, planning out and keeping track of what you have accomplished in a year will help you visualize your growth. One way to do this is by starting a bullet journal! is an easy thing to do and helps to better anyone who dares to try life. There are many different things that you can write or keep track of in a bullet journal. Here are 20 ideas for Bullet Journaling:

  1. Monthly Calendars

  2. Weekly logs

  3. Sleep schedules

  4. To-do lists

  5. Shows to binge

  6. Logging hours on phone

  7. Mood tracking

  8. Exercise tracking

  9. Doodles

  10. Goals

  11. Password tracking

  12. Water intake tracking

  13. Bucket lists

  14. Songs you like

  15. Self care ideas

  16. Resolutions

  17. Highlights of your year

  18. Events to look forward to

  19. Books you’ve read

  20. Timelines/End of the year reviews

Bullet journaling can be a hard thing to keep track of due to the fact that it takes time to complete and the process can’t be rushed. Completing a bullet journal can be one of your goals that you want to try to pursue this year! If you end up having a hard time filling it up you can always try the pre made ones where the whole bullet journal is already outlined and the only thing you have to do is fill it in. When doing this, remember that this is not supposed to be stressful and it doesn’t have to look a certain way. The bullet journal overall is your head and thinking space over the whole year/ the span of time that it takes for you to complete it. Having this allows you to become more organized and have something to reflect on later in life.

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