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How To Help Empower Women!

Women from earlier times have been fighting for women’s rights since 1848, and still continuing on today. A growing movement among women to empower one another created an environment to help gain equal rights, challenging gender stereotypes, and just trying to create a better world. It’s important to empower those around us, let it be our mother(s), our daughter(s), our friends, etc. So, here are a few of the ways to support our women!

Ways To Empower Women Around Us:

  • Uplifting those around you and creating that positive energy!

  • Shutting down any hateful comments, negativity geared towards women.

  • Investing/buying from women-owned businesses.

  • Defending your female coworkers.

  • Not just her body, but her intellect and spirit should be praised.

  • Giving the “mic” to women and allowing her to speak.

  • Including women in the discussion.

  • Showing support to women when needed.

  • Validating women's self-expression/feelings.

  • Thanking the women around you, even for the small gestures! Goes a long way!

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