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How to Find Your Style

quote by Iris Apfel

It’s difficult to find your own taste in fashion when the possibilities are endless. Finding your style can seem overwhelming at first–which was an understatement for me. After a year of trial-and-error, I had a firm idea of what I enjoyed. These are the questions I asked myself while looking for my personal style:

  1. Reflect: Since fashion is an expression of yourself, think about how you want others to see you.

  2. Patterns: show that you’re bold and like to experiment.

  3. Colors: set the mood.

  4. Earth tones are perceived as warm and settling.

  5. Pastel colors symbolize sophistication, cleanliness, and openness.

  6. Jewel tones are often associated with being outgoing and creative.

  7. Influence: Think about what affects you and your daily life. Take inspiration from your own culture and hobbies you enjoy.

  8. Personal preferences. Do you prefer comfort over style? How modest do you want to be? What fabrics do you (not) like?

  9. Research: Pinterest is THE app. There are countless sources of inspiration, and you can see what inspires others. TikTok is good for current trends. Youtube is a great place to see how influencers style themselves. The Instagram Shop is a convenient way to find trending small businesses.

  10. Remember:

  11. Don’t let social media overwhelm you. There are so many categories of fashion and each person’s taste is different. You don’t need to place yourself only in one subsection.

  12. Dress for yourself. Remember, fashion is about you and not about others.

  13. Be patient. Everyone’s journey is set at a different pace, and fashion is always in flux. Whenever you change, so will your style.

I found these tips to be the most helpful for me when I was finding my style. Feel free to use some, or all, of them!

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