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  • Sophia Rebolledo

Gigi Hadid Recently Shared a Colorful Peek of her New York City Apartment

Updated: Dec 16, 2020



Architectural Digest’s Open Door videos may be not as frequent, but Gigi Hadid, American supermodel, just brightened the world of interior design with her lavish and vibrant newly renovated New York City apartment in Noho.

The supermodel gave her followers a detailed tour of her home via Instagram featured with eclectic colors, brightly dyed pasta, beautiful marble, antique skis, and many more interesting finds.

“Spent all of last year designing and curating my passion project / dream spot. Of course it all came together right before quarantining out of the city.... but I’m excited for the time I’ll get to spend enjoying all the special corners...” she comments. Hadid then gives a special shoutout to Gordon Kahn, well-known architect and founder of Gordon Kahn & Associates who specializes in timeless and unique residential projects, along with her mother Yolanda Hadid.

So what does Hadid envision her "passion project" to look like? Well, it all starts with the living room embellished with a noticeably warm yet vivid color palette seen through the sitting area and art. Hadid showcases her lively Missoni sectional with each individual cushion patterned differently from zig-zags to stripes. She wonderfully accents the living area with Jean Paul Gaultier throw pillows, vintage skis, as well as a painting by L.A. artist Austyn Weiner.

Moving along to the kitchen, Hadid showcases her beautiful marble countertops contrasting her brightly colored pasta cabinets created by artist Linda Miller Nicholson. Her kitchen island centerpiece features an oblong bowl holding colorful pool balls.

As fans journey on, Hadid continues her colorful theme throughout the hallway with an antique green Chevy door hung on her wall next to her glam room featuring an eye-catching yellow upholstered velvet salon chair.

In another hallway, Hadid showcases a large yellow pen next to an Eamon Harrington art piece that reads “Welcome [.] All ages, all colors, all sizes, all cultures, all genders, all beliefs, all religions, all types, all people, safe here.”

In one of her bathrooms, she features a literary trove of covers of The New Yorker to create an incredibly unique accent wall.

In another of Hadid’s bathrooms, she contrasts the brightly colored theme of her home to a more warm and neutral themed modern bathroom.

Lastly, Hadid provides her fans with a sneak peek of her bedroom “dream spot” with a classy white comforter and Matouk pillow cases accented with three warm and cool toned art pieces hung above her bed and avant garde lamps by Forest Ceramic.

Although Hadid, who is expecting her first child, has been social distancing outside of the city with her family and partner Zayn Malik, a warm and vivid NYC home awaits.

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