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Breaking Old Habits for a Newer, Better You

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

When thinking about how you choose to cater to yourself, do you take into thought that there can be a much more beneficial way of doing so? It may seem right to choose the quicker path, but you have to think about what you may miss out on if you don't take the time to get to your goal. Consider taking a moment to reflect on what you actually want, and the actions that you can take to get it.

“How can I sit down and change these habits when I don’t even know how or what to change about them?”

Personally, a few of my guilty pleasures are snacking and using technology for long periods of time after I get out of school. What am I trying to get out of doing these things? The answer: relaxation. I’m sure many of you can relate to my typical school day-- working hard for hours at a time, and working hard for hours after that. Winding down after doing so much can look like catching up on the latest shows or social media posts with a comfort food within arm’s reach. However, another way to achieve that relaxation can be by taking time away from your workspace, disconnecting from any sources of stress, taking a quick shower, and spending time outside or with your loved ones. There are so many different ways you can have some time for yourself after a long day, but is your way of doing so fulfilling your needs?

Other habits that can be easily swapped for one more valuable/rewarding:

  • Waking up and immediately occupying your mind with what’s on your phone: what you want is a sense of connection, anything that you could have missed out on while you were away. Try connecting with yourself and your surroundings first by getting ready in the morning WITHOUT your phone- meditate, journal, or spend a few minutes with your family.

  • Spending money on superficial items: this links to achieving temporary happiness. Rewarding yourself every once in a while is completely acceptable, but if you are consistently purchasing unnecessary things, try to think about what is making you feel incomplete. Attempt to save your money when you can and pay attention to what you need.

  • Skipping breakfast and going straight to work: many have this feeling of wanting to get things done, but don’t forget to cater to yourself. Even something as simple as having a bowl of cereal with a glass of your favorite juice will make yourself feel better and energized when you do your work. Rewrite your daily routine and fit in a quick breakfast before you get to your desk.

Evaluate your day-to-day schedule. What habits can you eliminate or revise? Your future self will thank you for reflecting on these actions and changing them to take advantage of becoming your best.

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