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A Guide to Redesigning Your Room

Updated: Jul 17, 2021


Rethinking your room? Seems like we all are… for a while the popular trends were minimalists rooms. Painted white with lots of windows, these rooms created a space to rest and recollect thoughts. Recently though there’s been a shift. Trending rooms tend to be colorful, filled with pastel prints, and an overall eclectic vibe. So what’s with this shift? Well, it's not a far off idea, just a new concept that is a lot less boring.

To attain this new dream room it's pretty easy, just keep in mind that it’ll just take time. When shopping around for decor, don’t look to buy everything at once. What will end up happening is you’ll find things that might fit, but they won’t offer that special memory. When creating an eclectic room it’s important to display things that are unique. The best way to do this is through resale and vintage shopping. These kinds of places offer just about everything.

It’s important to look for a range of items and come up with a color scheme and atmosphere you are aiming for. Is it soft pinks, greens, and white? Deep blues with burgundy, pink and white accents? Whatever it may be, take the time to scope it out. The easiest way to organize your thoughts is to make a Pinterest board. Try not to get too trendy; look for items that can move through all types of spaces so when you move or redesign your room, you won’t have to completely start over.

The best place to start is to build your room off of a minimalist base. For larger furniture, stay away from prints. Stick to either statement colors or white for your safest bet. Creating this sort of base line to build off of will allow you to switch things up from time to time. Look for statement pieces in large mirrors, trays, and shelving. This will be the best opportunity for you to bring in metallics. While you’re welcome to choose things at random, if your goal is to follow a specific look try to unify the majority of metallics in your room. Decide what fits: the warmer feel of gold, the sleek feel of silver, or the rustic feel of copper and tin.

It is important to consider sizes. While you don’t want to make your room feel too tight with only large scale furniture and decor, having too many tiny items can give off a messy feel. Again, this is where it is important to keep that range. Offer out different shapes, textures, and scales, but try not to over do it. In designing a room you’ll tend to fare better in under doing it rather than overdoing it.

And I hate to break it to you, but lastly keep your room clean. When you wake up try and make up your bed, before you go to sleep put away your clothes. These small and monotonous tasks will keep your space fresh and your mind clear to think. Alway create a room that you’ll be excited to come home to!

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