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  • Audrey Miller

6 Skincare Products You Need Now

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

You need a new routine... we know. Never fear! Stay Rad’s got you covered. From soothing masks to the ultimate moisturizers, here are 6 products we love:

“This cleanser gives me the silkiest skin, and paired with any moisturizer, it makes the ultimate dewy skin-care regime.”

The Rice Wash - Tatcha

I've come across many face washes, and the worst leave my skin feeling excruciatingly parched or coat my face with entire vats of residue and fragrance. Clean, cool, and refreshing, the bar is so low. You’d think it would be an easy feat to uncover such a simple wash. Fortunately, after long searching, I have proudly discovered the Holy Grail: the Tatcha Rice Wash. It is perfectly light and creamy, the smell is completely natural, (fragrance free!) and it doesn’t strip my face. There are bits of rice in the wash that lightly exfoliate, so it promotes super soft skin, which I love. The only down-side I would give is that it does not remove make-up too well. An excellent morning-wash, but not necessarily the perfect night-wash to use for make-up wearers. 9.999/10!

“Uruoi’s products feel like water on my skin. My absolute favorite. My face feels hydrated, fresh, and alive after each use. I can’t get enough of it!”

U5 Moisture Milk and UA Deep Moisture Gel - Uruoi

These next two products are from my current favorite skincare brand. They are a fragrance-free, synthetic-free, and affordable Japanese skincare brand carrying the most clean and hydrating products I’ve ever been able to come across. Uruoi! For about half a year, I have been incorporating their marvelous U5 Moisture Milk and UA Deep Moisture Gel into my daily and nightly routines. The Moisture Milk acts as the perfect moisturizer/primer and leaves my skin looking and feeling vastly nourished.

Before the Moisture Milk, I bless my skin with the $35 Deep Moisture Gel. It is effortlessly light-weight, yet with a pea-size dollop of essence, it single-handedly locks in all the pre-existing moisture on my face. Tacking on an additional mass of praise, along with the milk, the hydration remains on my skin throughout the entire day, ensuring a dewy and soft visage for the books. My only complaint: I can’t drown myself in its glory.

“My favorite sheet mask because it’s affordable, effective, and the smell…it is perfect.”

Banana Milk Mask - A'PIEU

First impressions: I want to eat it. It smells SO GOOD. If you have ever had the pleasure of indulging in banana ice cream, it smells exactly like that and more. This sheet mask comes in a milk carton-shaped wrapper, which we are absolutely obsessed with, and the mask is perfectly tailored to your face. I would still sell this item to you even if it didn’t work solely because of the excellence in it’s marketing. Luckily, it's just as effective as it smells. The milky essence hydrates your skin and nearly clears it up overnight. Pop the mask on, watch a quarter of your favorite rom-com, pat-in the residue essence, lather on your favorite moisturizer (*cough*… UA Deep Moisture Milk), and wake up in new skin! And of course, extra brownie points because your garbage can will now smell like banana milk! If you're curious, even just to smell it, you can get one here for $1.05.

“It lessens the appearance of acne scars and redness, and it makes your skin look glowy! {But,} do NOT use it more than twice a week! Using it once a week will be more than enough for your skin as it is a chemical exfoliant.”

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution - The Ordinary

This would not be a skincare favorites list without the cult-favorite and TikTok famous “The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution.” The seemingly ordinary red solution packs a real punch in just under 10 minutes. As a chemical exfoliant, it chemically burns off-- not as intimidating as it sounds-- and removes dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants are less harsh than physical ones, and recommended by dermatologists since they don’t create micro-tears in your skin (causing wrinkles…). Appealingly, this is one of the best as it gives your skin an ethereal glow, is free of all the bad ingredients, and did we mention it’s only $7? Clean, affordable, effective...*add to cart.*

*** Also, it makes your skin extremely sensitive to UV Rays, so wear sunscreen (which you should be doing already!)

“The feeling of this serum is nice and lightweight, and it doesn’t feel greasy at all! It makes my skin glow, and my skin feels so soft after using it.”

Midnight Recovery Concentrate - Kiehl’s

Lastly, a favorite among the Stay Rad team is Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It is the perfect face oil to add to your routine. Today’s theme is lightweight and fresh, and this fits seamlessly under the category. Sometimes, you get a face oil that leaves you oily, (shocking!) and wondering if it was worth the $75, but this one…not that at all. It’s the product you put on and over-night, you've gone to heaven, awaken in your completely new, effortlessly baby-soft skin, and come back pondering life's existence. The standard size is $52,--I know, a bit pricey-- but it is worth every penny.

Go claim your Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate now!

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