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5 Ways I Motivate Myself to Exercise

It has become more challenging to motivate students to exercise throughout quarantine and online learning because they have more work and are always exhausted after long days at school. Exercising at home can be tedious because there is no one to motivate or hold you accountable for it. Despite the setbacks, here are many incentives for exercising:

  • Controls your weight

  • Improves mental health by helping to limit anxiety and depression

  • It reduces the risk of heart diseases

  • Improves brain function by keeping your skills sharp

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Strengthen your muscles

There are endless reasons as to why exercising is essential. Understanding the importance of exercising is the first step to working out. After this, you may wonder how to keep up the motivation to do exercises. Here are some tips for keeping up that motivation:

Have a Workout Buddy

Working out might be boring for some, so having someone to do it with allows you to establish a more consistent routine. You are less likely to cancel a workout when you are doing it with someone because you don’t want to let them down.

Listen to Music

Working out with music helps you stay motivated and changes your mood because when you listen to your favorite music, it helps to keep you in the moment! You can find playlists for exercising on YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Create a Schedule

Sometimes, you end up not working out because you don’t have a set schedule. You’ll decide to take a day off and then never workout again. Having set times allows you to stay on track and keep your days in order.

Set a Goal

Having a plan allows you to stay motivated and reminds you why you're exercising. It would be best if you had something to remind you of why you wanted to start working out. Your goal could be to work out every day so that you can have some you time, or maybe your goal is to get abs by the end of the month. Whatever motivated you to start should never stray from your mind.

Use a Tracker

Having a tracker allows you to see your growth and accomplishment over time. The progress you see will allow you to stay motivated and stay on track with your goal. Two ways you can keep track of your progress is by having a journal dedicated to exercising. The second is to download a fitness app like Fitbit or using the health app on an iPhone.

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