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20 things to do before the end of 2020

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Although this year is coming to an end, there are still things you can do for both yourself and others. It can be something small or something you have wanted to do all year but never got around to!

1. Read a book! With the business of managing the changes in life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping up with schoolwork, relationships, and anything else going on in your life, you may have forgotten what it feels like to read a book for yourself. Reading is the perfect way to relax and unwind (especially during the holiday season!)

Wondering how to get access to books during quarantine? Here are three easy ways:

a) Go to your local library! Many libraries allow you to sign up for a free library card, both

in-person and online. While some libraries may be closed due to the pandemic, many

libraries will enable you to read books from their library for free!

b) Find online books or invest in an e-reader! Many book sites are now offering ebooks

and audiobooks for purchase. You can also check other sites for free books, such as

Wattpad and GoodReads.

c) Revisit a favorite book or series you! If your libraries are closed and online reading isn't

your thing, then find something in your house! Whether it be an old favorite (any Harry

Potter fans?) or taking up a recommendation from a parent or sibling!

2. Move away from any toxic relationship(s). If you have anyone toxic in your life and the upcoming year ahead, now is the perfect time to reevaluate! Being involved in a toxic relationship is draining on your mind and may cause unnecessary stress. Think about if they are putting in the same effort into the relationship as you are.

3. Send someone a friendly letter; it can be a long-distance friend, your favorite cousin, or even your neighbor down the street. There is nothing like the happiness of receiving an unexpected letter!

4. FaceTime a friend you wish you could have talked to more. The quarantine can make many people feel isolated and lonely, so a simple call could brighten their day!

5.Rearrange your room! New year, new you, and nothing says fresh start like a change of scenery! It can be something subtle like creating a wall collage or, more significant like painting the walls! If you are stuck, Pinterest is a great start to get room inspiration!

6. Go through old clothes. Over the past year, it is likely that your style has changed! You can start by making three piles: keep, give away, and repurpose. The give-away-pile clothing can be offered or sold to friends or donated to your local second-hand store. For the things in the repurpose pile, you can alter! There are thousands of YouTube videos to give you steps by step tutorials on how to repurpose your clothing.

7. Plan your dream life ranging from your career, house, apartment, garden, or anything you want to manifest in the future! Feeling like you're stuck in one place is not a great feeling for anyone, and I think most people think that right now. Planning possibilities for the future is a great way to give yourself hope and see that anything you are facing is just temporary. Again, Pinterest is our friend of inspiration!

8. Get into new music from genres to songs to artists! There are countless options! Listening to music is great to connect with new people and hone in on your music taste. You can also check out and follow the user Stay Rad on Spotify if you are looking for new songs and playlists!

9. Try a new method of working out! While hard-core exercise is not for everyone, daily physical exercise is essential! This can range from HIIT to yoga!

10. Take an internet break. Shut your phone off or turn it on airplane mode and use your computer as little as possible (that is, after homework and school!) During this time, listen to music, read, do art, whatever makes you happy!

11. Call an older person in your life! This can be simply to say hi or tell them about what is happening in your life right now and that you love them.

12. Treat yourself. With the holidays coming up and giving others gifts, buying yourself a gift or doing a self-care night is a nice change!

13. Write down 20 things: 20 things you're grateful for, 20 things you want to accomplish in the new year, 20 things you want to leave in 2020, 20 acts of self-care you want to do, and 20 reasons you're proud of yourself!

14. Try out a new hobby. Everyone has something they've always wanted to try out, and there's no time like the present! If you’re going to learn a new language, check out Duolingo. If you would like to learn how to play the piano or guitar, check out instrument learning apps and youtube videos! Everything you need is on the internet!

15. Do a form of art. When someone says art, you probably think of intricate paintings or drawings, and while those are great examples of art, the spectrum is so much larger! This can be graphic designing, writing, singing, writing music, performance arts, and so much more.

16. Start a journal! Journaling can help you get out of all of your emotions and is very therapeutic. You can write about whatever you want, your day, your feelings, or positive affirmations!

17. Add a screen time limit to your phone. Online school is straining on your eyes, so it is best to try to limit any other screen time use as much as possible. You can go to settings and easily add a screen time for social media and games and add a different downtime for every night!

18. Wash your masks! With the global pandemic, everyone should be doing their best to keep themselves and others as safe as possible. According to the CDC, you should be washing your mask after just one wear.

19. Figure out causes for change and figure out what you can do to make a change. An easy way to start is to sign petitions, educate yourself about a reason, and donate. When donating, make sure that you know exactly where your money is going and if the site is trustworthy.

20. Lastly, make a goal for yourself to achieve by the end of 2021. This can be a personal growth goal, a passion project you want to start, or an academic goal! Maybe you are a runner and want to beat your time; perhaps you want to create an Etsy shop or read 50 books. The options are endless and entirely up to you!

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