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About Stay Rad



     At Stay Rad Magazine, our mission is to provide readers authentic information and insight on issues, topics, and events. Our team strives to promote inclusion, diversity, and equity as we provide students from around the world with an outlet to amplify their voices to readers while also building meaningful bonds with other team members and skills that follow them for the rest of their lives.



     Stay Rad Magazine is a student-led online magazine aimed towards teenagers focusing on the spread of knowledge and insight to fellow teens by covering the most interesting and important issues of today's modern society. We intend to provide teens with a platform where they feel comfortable, safe, and inspired by their peers to mature in their ideas and be vocal about their passions. ​


       In the groundswell of the Chicago Teacher's Union (CTU) contract negotiations that launched the Chicago Teacher's Strike in October 2019, Chicago Public Schools' students Sophia and Audrey had nearly 2 weeks to reflect on the inequitable systems imbedded in our society's structures from political, social, and economics lenses and saw the exclusion, tokenization, and lack of resources of writers and voices of color. It became imperative to revive BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) activism to ensure our movements and advocacy also adequately represented the needs of BIPOC and marginalized genders. 

        Sophia and Audrey organized a group of organizers, scholars, artists, and writers around the world to come together to create an outlet of writers to share their voices and collectively build writing skills. Through writing and advocacy,  we hope to create space for our writers and others who are underrepresented in the power structure to name ideas that are persistent but have no voice. Topics included Asian American feminist politics, our persisting divided political culture, and culture. Co-Founders, Sophia and Audrey, connected through the building of this series and decided to start Stay Rad to focus on building a movement that focused on using community building and centralizing marginalized voices towards coalitional and transnational organizing from an equity lens. Stay Rad Magazine is possible because of the collective work of multiple people in sharing ideas, time, and collective action. We officially launched the collective in 2019 and are continuing to learn, build and grow.



Stay Rad Pillars


Is Stay Rad actually managed by teens?

     Yes! Teens from around the world collaborate with one another to write articles and record podcasts.

How is Stay Rad different from other teen magazines and podcasts?

    Stay Rad is managed and run by teens as we truly focus on being authentic on issues and topics that apply to the reader's lives.

How can I become apart of the Stay Rad Magazine team or become an author?

     Under the header's contact icon, a link is available for you to send in your request to become a part of our community! After sending in your request, we will have someone contact you within the following 48 hours.

Further Questions? Email:

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