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dani fava

Dani Fava

Current Events and Culture

Hi! My name is Dani, and I am in the ninth grade at Goresbrook in Halifax, Nova Scotia! I love to do anything creative or artsy (even if I don't end up being very good at it), watch movies, read, journal, and listen to music whenever I can! I am super excited to begin writing with Stay Rad Magazine because it is a truly inclusive magazine to everyone regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, or gender. Stay Rad is something teens can relate to because we write it, which in itself is amazing! It gives us a platform and a voice when we are not often given one. I'm most interested in writing about worldview and student life, truly I like to write about anything and want to write about all subjects! In the future, I hope to be able to travel, volunteer, keep writing, whether it be for a magazine, a blog, or even a book!

Published Articles

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