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Audrey Miller

Hey there! I'm Audrey, a first-year at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I love reading magazines and books, learning new languages, journaling, listening to music, and freakishly researching arbitrary personality facts. I am optimistic about making the world a better place through innovation, communication, and education. Outside of school, I run my school's sustainability committee and injustice committee, write poetry, play the violin and viola, and make art! I helped create Stay Rad because I believed it had bounds of potential to uplift voices of younger people who weren't always properly represented in the ever-growing media. Stay Rad has given me the freedom to explore journalism, the chance to meet new people, and a creative outlet to embrace what I enjoy pursuing. In the coming years, my vision for Stay Rad is to cultivate a resource for teens to build up their future careers, and become an encouraging community full of bright, diverse-minded individuals. 

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